What is unfollow.biz a Twitter Unfollow Tool

It is common on twitter and other social media networks that you follow many of your friends or users but few follow you back and rest unfollowed you. It is very difficult to find the users unfollowing you. The solution is there

unfollow.biz helps you in finding the users who are not following you back and you have the option to unfollow them one by one. This application is secure as it does not take your password and also cannnot change your profile or read messages. unfollow.biz not only remove the nonfollowers from your list but also there is another option – Follow back whom you have not followed. It gives the list of frineds who are following you but you are not following . Just click one by one and start following them

Best, easy, secure twitter unfollow tool . The tool is launched by Megri Soft Limited


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