What is Blog Directory Submission Service

Blog directory is website which make collection of blogs categorized topic wise and country wise. Quality blog directories are managed by editors who fist do the audit of blogs and than list the weblog. Blog directory submission services can be defined as submission of your blog details to blog directories for approval. Blog submission need to submit following items

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Blogger Name
  • Email
  • RSS Feed URL
  • Blog URL

In addition to blog submission there is another more specific service know as RSS feed submission service. There are many website where you ping your blog for free.  Read More

Blog directories are good source for blogger outreach agency to find niche blogs and outreach them with good communication and connect.

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Megrisoft CEO Profile

Megrisoft CEO Profile

CEO and Founder of  Megrisoft and Submit Shop. I am more into planning of various web propertied owned by Megrisoft Limited. I am also writer of my our own blogs on SEO, webmaster and regional relating to India and UK.